$44,550 Awarded to Pleasanton Scholars in 2019!
The Rotary Club of Pleasanton handed out $44,550 for college scholarships to twelve recently graduated high school students and four young people who are already in college. Scholarships were awarded at school ceremonies and many of the recipients were also recognized at the Rotary Club of Pleasanton Meeting at Haps.  

Nancy Harrington, who heads the scholarship committee, made opening comments noting that since 2006, the Rotary Club of Pleasanton has given out scholarships totaling over $400,000. She then introduced members of the committee – Dan Hall, Dick Stafford, Larry Annis, Steve Nerad, Mark Tanis, Jim Hansen, Phil Vermont – who then introduced the scholarship recipients who they will mentor.

High School Scholarship recipients from Amador were Paulina Umansky, Ricky Juarez Jr., Sheree Bishop, Maria Chavez, Ivan Arzola, Christine Chang, Lesley DeLaBarrera, Kareli Calva and Cindy Lopez; from Foothill were Ellen Ebbers and Avi Shah; from Village was Alexis Falcom.

College Jr./Sr. Scholarship recipients were Bryce Taylor, Jason Roney, Azar Dixit and Lekha Kesavan, all Pleasanton residents.

Some students were already at school and could not attend the presentation but Nancy and Marjorie Gilmore, Foundation Treasurer, assured everyone that every recipient would receive their scholarship money.

Scholarship funds are generated by two Rotary events annually, the Spirit Run held in late October and the Poker Tournament held at the Veteran’s Hall each spring. The funds are supplemented by donations from club members and others.

Congratulations to all these deserving recipients.  
We wish you all well in your college endeavors!