The Rotary Club of Pleasanton partnered with the Rotary Club (RC) of Accra East in Ghana on this Water & Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) Project, to create a bathroom facility at Agbodekor Primary School in Attiavi, located in the Volta Region. They constructed a 12 toilet  & 5 sink facility for the 500 students & staff, who at present have no bathroom facilities. This Club 2 Club Project will reduce sanitation illnesses, improve school attendance & retention, improve hygiene & cleanliness, and improve the overall sanitation within the village of Attiavl.  (Only 15% of Ghanians have toilets in their homes & there are no public toilets.)  Our club partnered with them for $10,000 while 2 other local Rotary Clubs contributed $3,647, and the RC Accra East contributed $4,100, totaling $17,747. The project was completed on June 11, 2022.