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Rotary Club of Pleasanton
Scholarships for College Juniors/Seniors
What is the Rotary Club of Pleasanton Scholarship Program for college Juniors or Seniors?The Rotary Club of Pleasanton presents scholarships to college Juniors or Seniors who are from Pleasanton and are in need of financial assistance. Financial need is the main criteria for selection. Other considerations are school and community activities, work experience, academic record, career & educational aspirations & goals as well as personal recommendations.
How much are the scholarships?Scholarships range from a single award of $500 to $5000. This is the second year these scholarships have been awarded.
Who is eligible for a Rotary Club of Pleasanton Scholarship?
1-The applicant must be an entering Junior or Senior at a college or university.
2-The applicant must plan to attend a fulltime program (Minimum of 12 units) at a college or university, or fulltime at a vocational or trade school. (Dependents of Rotarians are NOT eligible.)
What is the application process?
1-Complete the attached application.
2-Attach additional pages as needed.
3-Include a school transcript from the last year of college attended.
4-Send a copy of your acceptance letter from your college/university for the current year.
5 - The applicant must live in Pleasanton.
Optional: Include letters of recommendation.
6-Return the completed typed application and send electronically NO LATER THAN JUNE 8, 2018 to:
                  Nancy Harrington, Scholarship Chairperson
7 - A brief interview will be held in late June.
8-Recipients of Rotary Club of Pleasanton Scholarships are expected to write a thank you to the Club before they receive the scholarship funds.
What if I have additional questions? Please contact Nancy Harrington, Scholarship Chairperson, Rotary Club of Pleasanton, or 925-846-9757.