Fitzmaurice                                   Pennell
Just in time...
President Richard Fitzmaurice was "run outta office" at the end of June and a new President was installed.
Creative Rotarians (which seemed as if it was all 88 of 'em) banded together to write and perform a skit roasting Richard Fitzmaurice at his demotion dinner in early July.  Keying-in on President Fitz' checkered past as a radio announcer and part-time ventiloquist, the cast created its own imaginary radio station and took calls from listeners wondering about all the changes that happened during Richard's reign.
Immediate Past President, Randy Brown was the Executive Producer and chief comedy consultant. 
Todd Utikal played the role of Mr. Fitzmaurice as the talk show host. 
Traffic and weather reports were furnished by Arne Olson, and Ricky Walters.  Julie Lewis was captivating in her portrayal of the sultry all-night DJ and Dick Stafford was his usual hilarious self as...whatever he was. 
Bill Evans, Nancy Pennell, and Brad Hirst were the long-time listeners - first time callers.
With the able assistance of his buddy, DJ O'Donnell, President Fitz was able to defend his record.  The dummy came through!
DJ also introduced club members to their new president, Nancy Pennell.