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2024 Grant Application (PDF)

Foundation Awards $36,600 TO 22 Local Non Profit Organizations

Purpose: Rotary International is an organization
of business and community leaders who provide humanitarian service,
encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build
goodwill and peace in the world. To achieve that end, Pleasanton Rotary
seeks to support the human service needs of our community.
Grant applications will be reviewed with the following considerations:
  • What is the lasting impact of the project?
  • Is one of our club members a champion of the project?
  • What is the level of involvement of our club?
  • How will our Rotary Club and its mission gain visibility?
  • Is there another organization to partner with for funding this project?
  • Are there other funding sources to extend the impact of our grant?
The Rotary Club may also consider grants that do not meet these
principles on an exception basis, at the discretion of the board.
Program Limitations: Pleasanton Rotary Foundation
does not make grants directly to individuals or for political or
sectarian purposes, endowments, expenses related to fundraising
activities, travel expenses, organizations intending to pass-through
grants, deficit liquidation proposals. Partial funding of grant requests
may be considered.
Application Procedures: Grant applications that meet the donation priorities for the fiscal year will be accepted by email only, until 5:00 pm on 01-31-2024. Please email documents in PDF format.  Send email to
Incomplete or illegible applications, or applications not complying
with these guidelines will not be forwarded to the Board for
review. All applicants will receive a confirmation email of receipt.
Award Decisions Are Final. There is no appeal process. Applications will not be returned.
Application Deadline: Must be received by 5:00 PM 01-31-2024.
Grantee Accomplishment Report: Organizations and
agencies receiving grants from Pleasanton Rotary Foundation will be
required to provide written report back to the board by Oct. 31, 2024 on
the use of the funds granted. The report should indicate the use of the
funds and include any supporting documentation to allow Pleasanton
Rotary to review the use made of its donation. Grantees will be informed
of the reporting requirements at the time the grant is awarded.
Grantees who fail to provide a follow-up report will be disqualified for
future grant requests.
Previous Community Grant Recipients: